Saturday, November 23, 2002

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been extremely busy. School really is a drag this month. I was very amused by two of the comments I received on my last post though. One was the same old “Sam is just a little girl” bullshit (more on that later actually), but I found this next one extremely amusing:

“Hey. I'm Jesus. I didn't die for your sins, so you could go screw little girls, and defile the good catholic girls at a religious school. Not cool. Stop it or you will feel my mighty power and furious anger.......
P.S. Bondage isn't cool either. That's not the way to impress GOD.”
props to jesus

WOW, Jesus talks to me on my blog!
i dont think brett has comprehended the skill of aliases (if thats a word), but i dont think he realizes people could have different names online...just like Sam... could really be a 45 year old black man from new york, just like jesus is michael How amazing! My response:

“Wow Jesus. Lucky for me I don't believe in your sorry ass!”

I don’t know whether this person was joking around or was serious.
hahahaha....yeah he was serious....he really was jesus! And I mean serious as in that I was “offending” Jesus. Hopefully it’s just a joke. It would be sad to see someone so blindly devoted to christianity. Ugh, that just makes me sick…

The only real personal thing going on in my life right now has to do with Sam. We had our first misunderstanding (best way I could think to put it) today. I think we straightened things out near the end, but I still feel pretty bad about it. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to her soon and make sure everything is good. Sometimes I forget how hard things can be when you are young.but when i do need to remember i just molest a little kid and it all comes back to me There are times when I really need to think before I open my mouth. I have yet to learn that lesson.
so he's still a little kid inside.....and thats why he goes after the small asian girls.....interesting.. maybe Sigmund Freud was right... everything dates back to your childhood or your sexual desires

I did manage to have some fun today with Augustine, Jan, Kurando, Vatche, Max, and Rashad.
.....oh my god! if you know thos people .. you know that that is THE gayest group of people in our senior class...minus lenny and a few others....but those are the majority of the gayness We saw “Die Another Day” together and then hung out at my house. The movie was actually pretty good. It’s the best Bond film since Goldeneye for sure. Tomorrow is Jan’s birthday, so I plan on having a blast at his party. oh im sure there'll be hot bitches everywhere....c'mon its jan...the biggest pimp at our school..psh~ If I had to rate things overall, I’d say that life is pretty damn good at the moment.

Peace for now! *hugs for Sam* I love you more than anything.
is it just me or have we heard him say this to a countless number of girls?

Friday, November 22, 2002

i'm debating an idea that's been tossed around: having a guest author comment on a recent post...

the author would have to email me the commented post and i'd publish it

but its not official yet

and the author can be kept anonymous if he/she wishes
we are back by popular demand.... after readin the comments on the last post of mine and having the anti-brett discussion at school, i couldn't resist but to continue this pilgrimage

Wheee~ Life is being life. Which means I'm enjoying it quite a bit. ^_^ School has been normal, but out of school stuff seems to be more fun. hmmm... it only -seems- more fun??? i dont know about you but life OUT of school has ALWAYS been more fun for me Yesterday I was bombarded with new stuff to learn for piano. But it's all very interesting stuff. I'm starting to play with both hands at the same time now. Ugh, it's fucking confusing to put it mildly.oh god.....what an idiot... i mean did he think he was going to play with one hand forever?? im surprised he's only starting to play with two hands.... at this rate there is no CHANCE in HELL he's going to learn a full song for his senior project unless its 'row row row your boat' I'm sure all you piano people out there who read this *cough*Debbie *cough*Paula are like, "Wow, big deal," but dammit I'm new at this! I don't know if being able to play "Jingle Bells" with two hands is good for two weeks,i learned how to play the 'entertainer' with my cousin with both hands in two days... and he learned 'jingle' fucking 'bells' in two weeks.. but *shrugs* it's fun. ^_^ My brother also bought Metroid Prime yesterday. So far it is pretty fun. I thought it would be kind of new and different, but it is almost literally a Metroid game in first did he think it was gonna be? a racing game??? It's a good and a bad thing I guess. Combat and exploring are more fun, but the platforming parts are pretty eh. I never liked platforming in FPSs. Still, it's a blast to play, the levels kick ass, the graphics are gorgeous, and the controls do a good job of bringing all the Metroid action into first person. Expect me to give it more lovegive more love to a GAME!!!!! how pathetic in the future. ^_^

Today was pretty entertaining as well. I got to talk to Sam twice (YAY!!!). With each passing day it becomes harder and harder to wait for the day that we will meet. As fun as my days are, I really do wish I could speed up time sometimes. ^_^;; I practiced piano for a while today, and find it very relaxing. I also played some more Metroid Prime.
is he having some sort of Alzheimer's disease? he just TALED ABOUT THIS!!!! After this I'm going to finally start on my story. Homework? What's that? :P and thenhe's applying to UC's.. i cant wait till he gets rejected quicker than himself at an all girl school

Oh yes just to remind you all, this is "Ban Brett Month." I am currently banned from both Vlad's and Eileen's commenting systems. Join in and please continue to ban me for no reason. :P
eileen and i are both proud to have banned brett and he was stupid enough to believe me that its an error in the server..... what a dumbass

after a brief conversation with brett.... he has revealed that Sam has actually NEVER EVER seen him..... it ALL makes sense now..