Saturday, October 26, 2002

....this post underlines, put it in bold, and italicizes more of brett's stupidity

Not too much has been happening lately. I was suppossed to go out with Rebeca and possibly Justine on Thursday and Friday night, but the plans got cancelled both times. I ended up seeing The Ring with Rashad last night instead. Overall it was OK. It was really well shot, and the soundtrack was very good as well. Unfortunately the story was pretty predictable. There were a few scary moments and a few cool ones, but they didn't really keep the story afloat. The ending was pretty cool up to the final explanation which was just lame. I dunno, I guess it was worth the price of admission.

Not much happening in school right now. Everyday seems like a Friday, since I'm always out with friends. I'm pretty happy with my grades: four A's, two B's, and one F. LOL, yeah I'm getting an F in AP Physics.
well maybe if you'll stop for a second and see a day as a monday and not a friday and fucking study maybe that'll help... i mean c'mon i took AP physics and shit.. im no logical thinker... people who know me can back me up on this... and i got a C... so quit with the lame excuxes I plan on bringing it up though, it's just that I have a really hard time understanding some of the concepts in that class. well if you're having a hard time NOW.. wait untill later.. it only gets harder smart ass It's because I'm just not that kind of thinker. As proven on the psychology tests we've been taking, psychology... the most bullshit class ever.. ms. jaynes is a freaking pot head and you take her word.... sigmund freud is flipping over in his grave right now I fall under the category of "very creative thinker" (one level below the top), but of course my logical thinking sucks. Well it explains why I can get an A in AP English with my eyes closed, its because you've lived your entire life in america.. i'd take ap english and prove you wrong but i've only been here 6 years and have to struggle in subjects like AP Calculus and AP Physics. thats cuz you're stupid

I changed the subject of my Senior Project. It looks like the movie thing won't be very feasable. So instead I'm learning to play the piano. ^_^ I've always wanted to learn piano, considering it is my favorite instrument by far. I also have a fair amount of free time when all my friends are busy and I've finished my HW, so I have a pretty large amount of time to practice. Other than that, there isn't too much going on in my life. Just enjoying my senior year quite a bit. ^_^
i cant wait to see how this turns out

Peace out (*hugs* for Sam)...
...this shit again?

by the way...the person who calls himself 'the man' on bretts me

yes i know its a pussy way to comment on the blog.... but i dont care....

Thursday, October 24, 2002

okay...first of all any.. and all of you who read this need to go to brett's blog and read the comments on his last 3 posts.. someone has commented on his blog... and im not going to say who it was.... if they want themselves revealed they can do it on their own... but here's his most recent post

I'm going to wait until the day is over before I do a full post, but I would like to post a reply to the "insult guy". Dude, you have way too much free time on your hands. Don't you have better things to do than insult me? I'm not playing this game. This back and forth online dissing is for little immature kids. online dissing.... for little immature kids..hmm....lets see this for a secondFUCK YOU, YOU SHITTY EXCUSE OF A FATHER. FUCK YOU, YOU COCK SUCKING ASSHOLE. YOU'VE FINALLY LOST YOUR FIRST BATTLE. DON'T THINK YOU'LL BE WINNING ANYMORE, BECAUSE YOU NO LONGER INTIMIDATE ME IN THE LEAST!..wait wait who said that?....OH RIIIIIGHT you did....silly me I don't know why you hate me so much, or maybe why you just hate people so much, but dude chill. Life is too short to hate people for stupid reasons. You can post all you want, but don't expect much of a response. Yeah you caught me off guard and got an emotional response out of me at first. You accomplished your goal, you should be so proud of yourself. But now it's all past it's initial shock value, and it's lame. I'm suprised you seem to know me so well for someone who obviously doesn't like me.lots of people who know you well dont like you... i.e. ME If you hate my life so much, why read about it?because it makes me feel better about my life.. and it provides entertainment to a boring day I'm pretty damn happy and content at the moment, is that why you attack me? Do you attack me because you wish you could enjoy life like me? god forbit i have a life like yours Do you wish that no matter how mush shit you go through you can still be positive?positive is good....yes......but you're a bit too positive you're in denial Do you have some sort of obsession or envy of me that leads you to try and tear me down? Honestly, I think you're the one with issues you need to work out. Fix your life first then worry about other people. I could tell in your insults that you were so desperate to find things to insult me about that you even made stuff up. I only have friends online? Dude I consider myself pretty fucking lucky, because I actually have a lot of friends, and yes they are "offline".rashad and umair .....AWSOME friends there... wish i had those... so i can hang myself by my nuts and hope they rip off I'm pretty happy to know that I have a lot of people who care about me, and a close few who even love me. So don't think for a second that your insult about my friends holds any meaning whatsoever. Also what's this stuff about skaters hating goths? My god, I'm glad that I'm ignorant of these stupid "social" grudges. It's pretty sad the way you judge people man. You have no idea of who I really am or what I'm really like. Under every set of clothes is a unique individual. Too bad you can't see that, it's truly further comments =]

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

hehehe.... this should be a fun post to comment on

Alright, I actually have some free time to blog right now. Yesterday was an interesting day, though certainly bittersweet. I guess I'll start with the bad. My dad actually came to school and talked to Mr Dall (our principle) okay..kevin pointed out something brilliant...later in the post brett rambles on about how bad of a speller the person who commented was......but lets see how he spelled 'principal'....interesting about how I was dressing. Now I can't wear any of my new clothes to school, or my dad will find out. Not only that, my mom has decided to abandon me and take my dad's side. Looks like I've lost again after all. Dressing the way I want is not worth getting grounded for the rest of the time I live in this house. I will be able to wear what i want outside of class though, so at least it's not a total defeat.

Despite that I actually did have a ton of fun yesterday. I hung out with Rebeca for the evening, and it was very enjoyable. We did a lot of talking, which is something I really missed. We hadn't talked in person since our last date back in July, so it was certainly refreshing to be able to do it again. We also looked at books and got some coffee, but most of the time we just talked. She really liked my new look, which is cool. ^_^ We're probably going to hang out more often now, and I certainly have no objections. I think it's really cool that we can be close even though we broke up and everything. Most breakups ultimately end on a very bitter note. I'm glad this one didn't, especially because Rebeca is such a great person. So the pain of my day was washed away by the love of a friend. Despite how I make it sound sometimes, I know I really am a lucky guy. ^_^
blah blah blah.... his mumsy left him.... he can wear his yellow sweatshirt again and he's already cheating on sam... i just want to get to this next part

There is also an issue I need to address in the form of an anonymous comment left under the last post. Believe it or not someone actually brought it upon themselves to come to my blog, and post a totally insulting comment because of the way I dress. You should see this dumbfuck's post. First of all he can't structure his writing to save his life.
what does it matter how he writes? thats my question He also can't spell for shit, unless you condider that "slang" bullshit he uses as correct. It's really funny because this guy obviously doesn't know me at all. surprise surprise... this guy knows you better than you think Anyone who knows me at least semi-well knows I'm into dark shit, and most of my friends know I can't dress the way I want to because of my parents. Then this guy goes further to call me a poser for wearing my skater clothes before I was allowed to change styles. Really how many assumptions can one dipshit make? uhh...hmm... did you sakate while wearing skater clothes? i believe the answer is 'no'... that makes you a poser by my standardsI think this dude broke the record. He obviously doesn't know that I wear what I wear because I think it looks cool. He immediately assumes that I use clothes to define myself. wait wait...let me cut and paste something from one of your earlier posts....:::: The reason of course being, that I would like to reflect how I feel through the clothing that I wearhmm....yeah I'm sorry but how insecure do you have to be to insult someone on their blog about how they dress? im sorry but how pathetic is it to yell at your dad and threaten to kill him on your blog, and also pretend to have a coversation with your 'evil' side on your blog, and hug an imaginary girlfriend on your blog..for christs sake do it on your own free time, and make up pointless fucking teenage drama on your blog? I'd like to see how this dude dresses, because he obviously only makes judgements based on looks. like you fucking dont It's sad really, it's people like him who make the world such a rotten place to live in for others. sorry to break this to you but its people like you who make this world such a rotten place to live for othersAlso how much of a pussy can you be to write all that shit about me, and then not leave your name? if only brett knew the person who commented did it for fun....sorta like this blogANY respect anyone had for this guy just went down the toilet with that little act. Shit, if I'm going to insult someone I'm not scared to say who it is. This guy obviously thinks he's real hardcore, but he won't even stand behind his own words. What a joke.

Other than that, everything is fine. I wish I could talk to Sam though. Oh well every day completed is another day towards the completion of four years. *hugs sam*
ctrl + c ..... ctrl + v

and of course the gangster 'good bye' just gets dumber and dumber

Tuesday, October 22, 2002 is just jam-packed with brett excitement...he just imed me here's the convo

b4K4cH405: well no more new style for brett, dall told me if he sees me in any of it again I'm dead
VlaDoMan96: just take off the chain
VlaDoMan96: he cant fuck with you for that jacket
b4K4cH405: no but my dad told him that if he sees me in any of it to alert him, and my dad will punish me
VlaDoMan96: didnt you say you're gonna 'rebel' against your dad?
b4K4cH405: yeah well now my mom isn't on my side anymore and the reality of being grounded until college is a big one
VlaDoMan96: what happened to your mom?
b4K4cH405: dunno she's on my dad's side now, I think they fought while I was at school

so........i guess we're going back to the 'Days Brett wore his skater sweat-shirt in a row' poll.... damn it... and i was just starting to have fun

and another update.......... brett went to hang out with rebecca (his ex) today after school.... and this is what i asked him and what his answer was

VlaDoMan96: did you make out with her?
b4K4cH405: i wish!!!

....umm...... what happened to *hugs sam*?
someone just imed me to notify of a comment on bretts goes as follows

wtf is up w/ the goth you think u r some hc punk ass bitch?...cause what...ur not...ur some poser...who thinks he's goth and dark and hc, but in fact ur some white kid who is just generic...just cause u wore skater shit didnt mean u were a skater...and now u wear goth shit...u think your a goth...? you wont even rebel against ur mom and get your hair dyed or buy those even gayer clothes...dont pose...if your gonna be goth dont wear skater shoes or mooch of ur parents for cash...go on ur least have the decency to go dark w/o ur mom and if you decide to be goth overnight...if you think your attitude is reflected in the clothes you wear...then you are a gay biker...(p.s. that chain goes for ur wallet) its not a chain...even martha stewart's more goth than u... to WHOEVER did that....

....anyway...this is what brett posted

I'm mentally exhausted as I write this, so please excuse any stupid grammar mistakes. I just finished fighting with my dad. For the first time ever I actually won. I suppose we should start at the beginning though. For some reason my dad seemed to take offense to the fact that Rashad thought he was mad at him. Now this makes no fucking sense to me. He gets mad and while he is mad, he's talking about how he's not mad in the least at Rashad. I think he got mad at me for some reason, but I have no idea why. He makes no sense. Anyway a few hours later he comes upstairs with my mom and tells me I have to stop dressing in my new style. Something came to me at that moment. No matter what he did to me, no matter how long he grounded me, no matter how hard he hit me, I would not stand down. No matter what, I was going to wear what I brett...standing up for your one single jacket... with zippers....*sniffle* you made me proud So an extremely heated argument ensued (which would have led to physical violence if my mom did not get in between us). But something happened in the argument that has never happened before. My mom took my side for the first time in her life! MUMMSY TO THE RESCUE!!!! You don't understand how big this is! My dad makes all the money in our family. My mom married him when she turned 18 and became a housewife. She never went to college or anything. Going against what my dad says is like death for her. That's how my dad has kept everyone in this family under control for so long. He makes all the money, and if we were on our own, we wouldn't make shit. It's so awesome that both my mother and I picked the same argument to not back down to his opression in. Well, the argument went on for an hour (or maybe more) and my dad said, "If you wear these clothes, you will be disobeying a direct order from me!" My mom and I baisically said, "fine!" HELL FUCKING YEAH! TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. HOW DO YOU LIKE HAVING YOUR SON AND YOUR WIFE TURNED AGAINST YOU!? My mom and I are going to have to endure a lot of shit, but if we stick with it and work together, we can beat my dad. why is he making this sound like something Dreamworks would produce?

This is for every time you told me how pathetic I was. This is for every time you made me feel like shit. This is for every time you told me how stupid I was. This is for everytime you hit me. This is for the time you whipped me with that belt. This is for those nights when you made mom cry because she would not submit to you. This is for making me a fucked up and insecure kid. This is for making me attempt suicide.
exactly how much pity does he want at this point? FUCK YOU, YOU SHITTY EXCUSE OF A FATHER. FUCK YOU, YOU COCK SUCKING ASSHOLE. YOU'VE FINALLY LOST YOUR FIRST BATTLE. DON'T THINK YOU'LL BE WINNING ANYMORE, BECAUSE YOU NO LONGER INTIMIDATE ME IN THE LEAST!.......more psychopathic talk here....that's directed to his dad....and if he had balls he'd say that to his dad.....but him being a 100% genuine pussy ... he posts it on a blog

As you can imagine I'm happy about winning. Yet at the same time I'm worried about what will happen to this family. Things have just jumped up to a whole new level. i cant wait till its college time....and you need money...we'll see who you'll come crawling back toIt's times like these that I'm so thankful for all my friends, and especially Sam. Honestly without Sam I sometimes think I would just curl up and die. She is my shining hope, my will to live, and I love her with all my heart.

*hugs Sam tightly*
this again?


........we'll just wait and see how this drama unfolds

join us next time in the exciting life of........


Monday, October 21, 2002

shit i just updated.....another one?.....okay lets go..

I had a pretty good weekend. ^_^ Saturday was Rashad's birthday party,hehe.. i can just imagine brett going out to buy alcohol with his mom for a party... just a random though and I had a shitload of fun. We watched Blade II, which was one of those pointless action movies that just RULES. The story and stuff was pretty lame, but my god the action was done well! So that was very cool. We also played some Soul Calibur and Chu Chu Rocket. Rashad beat me at Chu Chu Rocket! NOOOOOO! I'm so gonna get my revenge, just wait and see! Then the 9 of us went down to Claim Jumpers for some dinner. Wow, I had more fun there than most of the birthday parties I've been to combined. At first everyone was just joking around while we were waiting for a table, and we had a lot of fun there. But the best part was when we actually sat down to start eating. Subjects of argument would make their way around the table and we would argue on who thinks brett looks retarded?... that should have been a topic for a fact... i wonder if he wore his one and only gay-biker sweatshirt A lot of the people there had a great sense of humor, so as you can imagine the arguments were both involved and hilarious at the same time. The best argument I ahd though was with Eunice. We had quite an awesome argument on religion. I was of course taking the agnostic standpoint, while she was arguing the christian side of things. I've argued with a lot of people, and no one has EVER led a better argument for christianity than her.christ he manages to hit on her even on his blog In fact she argued the christian standpoint better than I've heard anyone argue anything, period! It was certainly thought provoking, and something I'll be thinking about for a long time to come. Eunice is a very interesting person. She seems very intelligent,....she seems very intelligent.... thats a nice comment.... 'well she seems smart but she really isnt' but she very rarely speaks. I guess she's just pretty shy. For some reason it always seems weird to me when someone can argue so well, yet they have to be very comfortable with you just to say even a word.

*Sigh* now that I've been talking about a girl, a dream just came back to me. I had the most awesome dream about Sam last night. I dreampt that I finally got to meet her. She was 18 and I was 21,
so he dreams of being a child molestor? so we both looked different too. It was a short dream unfortunately. We met at her house and her mom was there, but then her mom got mad and we went outside. But then suddenly we were on this huge, gorgioushe cant spell balcony. We were holding hands and watching the sun set over the ocean. Oh my god, it was so freaking awesome. Then we looked at each other an kissed.and then brett swallowed her... anyone ever see akira? And then I freaking woke up!and cleaned my bed sheets I got so pissed off! The best dream ever, and it has to end there! And now because of that dream I really miss Sam :( . You know you're in love when you dream about meeting someone in four years, that's a fact. And a fact that I'm very happy not to argue with. ^_^

Well other than that I bought a belt and a bracelet thingy to go with my new clothes.
with his mumsy They match pretty well, and I am very pleased. Now I have to go do homework. Blah, I can't wait for college; for more reasons than one. ^_^

Lates (*hugs* for Sam)...
im telling you he just copies and pastes

Sunday, October 20, 2002

well i seem to have a lot of updating to do.... i need to comment on 3 posts and then i need to post a picture of sam and some other stuff... you should probably get some popcorn or whatever you like because this post is going to take some time.... and i need to post a conversation i had with brett recently....umm....lets start off with sam...

here is her picture.... hopefully it works

and here is a picture of brett

dont they just make the most amazing couple?
hey and would you look at that.... bretts wearing his famous sweatshirt.. that he has cast down to wear the gay biker outfit

umm......what next....lets see some comments on this picture:
******: he looks like a child-molestor
VlaDoMan96: yes yes yes we know that
******: and she looks 12
VlaDoMan96: thats because she's close to for the conversation i had with brett the other day.. before he came dressed like one of the village people::
b4K4cH405: sup?
VlaDoMan96: nothin really
VlaDoMan96: you?
b4K4cH405: are we allowed to wear chains to school? like arounf our necks?
VlaDoMan96: havent you seen the armos?
b4K4cH405: lol I don't pay much attention
b4K4cH405: anyway guess who's sick of looking like a skater?
VlaDoMan96: i'd answer that....but i'd look stupid
VlaDoMan96: what are you gonna look like now?
b4K4cH405: let's just say I'll be shopping at Hot Topic a lot
VlaDoMan96: aha
VlaDoMan96: as far as you dont dress like rashad
b4K4cH405: yeah I won't!
b4K4cH405: all I bought was a jacket and a chain so far, my mom wouldn't let me buy a trenchcoat or straightjacket
VlaDoMan96: .......err........good
VlaDoMan96: lol
b4K4cH405: dude the trenchcoat was SO badass!
b4K4cH405: it had locks over the buttons and keys!
b4K4cH405: DUDE!
VlaDoMan96: heh
b4K4cH405: sorry I'm really into goth shit now
b4K4cH405: so I may sound a bit odd lol
b4K4cH405: cool cool, i need to get some darker pants though, my jacket SO doesn't match with some of my skater pants
b4K4cH405: half punk, half goth, he is...THE LAMER!
VlaDoMan96: hehehe
VlaDoMan96: hey now that you're goth you might be able to get back with rebecca
b4K4cH405: LOL!!!!!!!!!
b4K4cH405: she's punk remember
VlaDoMan96: close enough
b4K4cH405: lol!
VlaDoMan96: are you gonna dye your hair black?
b4K4cH405: no I was gonna dye it purple, but my parents won't let. dark purple mind you
VlaDoMan96: so what color you gonna go with?
b4K4cH405: no dude they won't let me dye it period :-(
VlaDoMan96: ah the next day we all show up at school and he's wearing this black bodage sweat shirt... with khaki pants.. and etnies shoes (skater shoes) and his skater back-pack.....his mummsy wouldnt let him buy more at that moment

well lets proceed to his posts....starting with the last one we left off at:::

christ this is a long post...oh well...i have to please my audienceI was going to write a great blog post on how much fun I had during my trip to San Diego, but that will have to wait. My dad just killed any desire I had whatsoever to write about happy things. See what happened was, during our trip to San Diego my hood got messed up. Rashad tried to close it while it was still propped up,hahahahaha....those are some smart friends he has there and bent one side of the hood a considerable amount. If I had normal parents, I would have tried to explain this to them and they would understand it was a mistake. But my parents aren't like that. My dad takes every opportunity he can to scrutinize me and my friends. He loves to tell me what a bad kid I am, and how fucked up the people are I hang out with. I was not going to let him get anything to use against Rashad. No way, Rashad is too good of a friend for my dad to talk shit about. The second he would have had anything on him, he would have used it as an excuse for me to see Rashad less. So I told my dad that I didn’t know what happened to the hood. I just wanted to pass it off, I would pay for the hood (with some help from Rashad) and my dad still wouldn’t have shit on him. But no, my dad doesn’t believe me from the start. He runs down to the car and inspects it for an hour. The next day he inspects it more. Finally he comes to me and starts yelling at me. He starts yelling about how he knows I’m lying, and what a horrible kid I am. So I decide to come clean and tell him what happened. He immediately starts yelling at me about how irresponsible I am,my god you're a moron... "oh the hood got bent by itself i swear, no one touched it" you think everyone's an idiot? and if you're gonna lie... please stick with it and demands to know who did it. He threatens that he’s going to check to make sure it was really them, as he thinks I’m going to still lie. So I tell him it was Rashad, because really I’m not going to lie if I come clean and he’s going to check anyway. Ugh, so then he blows up about how I’m trying to defend my good friend, who suddenly isn’t very “good” at all. I can take any amount of abuse to my character from my dad, I’m used to it. He’s known how to make me feel like shit all my life, and does it whenever he can. But I cannot stand it when he begins to insult my friends. So here he is talking about how horrible Rashad is for having his friend cover up for his mistake. Then he goes on to insult us both. He’s like, “You and Rashad both think you’re pretty smart kids, but when you two get out into the real world, you’re gonna get fucked over.”damn right....wait..actually both of them are already fucked over Well that set me off, and it turned into a yelling match. The second I started getting an advantage over him in the argument he smiled and said, “Well looks like you won’t be seeing your friends for at least a week; one more word and I take your car and you never get it back.” I look to my mom for any kind of support.hahahaha....mum...MUMMIE!!!!..MUMSY!!! HEEELLPP!! But being dependant on my dad for everything in her life,well thats what she gets for marrying the guy straight out of high-school... she just looks down at the floor and nods.

Well that’s just great. Here I am grounded for a week (at least) because of a little fucking issue. Damn, I hate how my dad always sees me as such a horrible kid. I fucking hate the way he treats me, and I especially hate his opinions on my friend.
notice the singular use of the word 'friend'.. i never heard his dad say anything bad about me... maybe because rashad really IS bad..hmm... And not even my mom will stand up for me. That’s what I get for cutting myself off from my parents when I was young. I freed myself of almost all abuse, at the price of them being totally ignorant of what I am. It won’t be long until I am free pretty damn sure you're still gonna be dependent on them for money.. i dont see you getting a job anytime soon Until then life will be harder though. My parents have no trust in me anymore. This is the first time in 6 years that they have caught me lying to them. You think if you slip up once in 6 fucking years, they would be a little forgiving. But as my dad said, “You should have learned your fucking lesson 6 years ago!” AH FUCK YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU. YOU’RE THE REASON I’M SO FUCKED UP. YOU’RE THE REASON I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF. ONE DAY YOU WILL PAY FOR EVERYRTHING YOU’VE EVER DONE TO ME, AND I WILL LAUGH, OH WILL I FUCKING LAUGH!ummmmmm.....what just happened?... isnt that more substantial proof that brett is a psychopath?

And it’s so sad, because now he probably hates Rashad. Not that he probably wasn’t looking for an excuse anyway, but now he has a reason. Oh god, you have no idea how badly I want to get out of this house. I hate everything about it, I can’t live with my dad much longer. Everyday is a fucking test of my self control. Living on my own will be heaven.
hmm... i cant wait to see how that one works out... you dont even know how to cook an egg Ah, and I can’t forget about Sam. The knowledge that in less than 4 years now I can be with someone who truly loves me almost brings me to tears of joy. And it would be a lie to say I love anything in the world more than her. At times, she is the only thing that keeps me going. I so dearly want to be with her. Especially at times like these when I need the kind of love that only a girlfriend can give. And I want to be there for her in her times of need. I must be patient though. Things will happen, I just need to stay positive and make the best of these (now less than) 4 years. God I love you Sam. *hugs* One day I will hug you in real life; and I will never, ever, ever, want to let go…oh god...does he have to mention this same monotonous thing over and over and over and fucking over again???.... its at the end of his EVERY post so far

christ...i dont thin i can do two more of these going crazy just reading them.....but i must proceed

Let's see, quite a lot is happening in my life right now. A lot of it is stuff I would rather not blog about though. Some of it being as it's very personal and other stuff just being not very entertaining for a blog.....and all that previoius crap is 'entertaining' ?? what the hell are you talking about?? I can definately say that being grounded from hanging out with my friends this week blows. I'm really missing that right now. I see them at school and all but damn, I didn't realize how often I was with them out of school. I'll be very glad when this week is over. On the social side of things I'm getting to know both Williana and Nicole better. No don't worry, things with girls at school and I are purely on a friendship basis. Sam is the only girl for me when it comes to love. ^_^ Speaking of Sam, I really miss talking to her. I miss hearing her voice on the phone, or reading her loving messages on AIM. *Sigh* I'm glad that this year is flying by quickly so far. If the 4 years fly by this fast, I will be very happy.oh my fucking god....does he just copy and paste stuff from his previoius posts? or does he have like a template that he cuts out fragments out of and puts it at the end of every post.......

I guess this is my life at the moment. Pretty normal, but I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'm glad that I can look to the future and be happy. And I'm eaqually glad that Sam can do the same.

Peace (and *hugs* to Sam. I love you!)...
....yeah......just the thought of brett hugging someone creeps me out

.....and the final post.....for today that is.....the most recent we go

Some interesting things have been happening recently. The first of these involves clothes. As far back as 7th grade, I've always wanted to dress "goth" or at least hardcore punk. The reason of course being, that I would like to reflect how I feel through the clothing that I basically now he's reflecting on how in real life he's a gay biker from the Village People Not only that, but I've always thought that style of clothing looked dope as hell. I never liked the whole makeup aspect, but I've always loved the clothes. Problem is my mom would never allow me to wear anything that looked remotely goth. Well that all changed yesterday. Maybe it's because I've grown up so much (I'm not sure), but my mom let me look at some "goth" clothes over at Hot Topic.okay people....lets think about this for just a moment..he went to buy GOTH clothes............................................................with his mom............his mom people.....he might as well go out and buy alcohol with her and get drunk with his friends There were a ton of shirts/jackets I wanted to get, but a lot of them freaked out my mom. She finally let me get this more conservative jacket, which could be considered either punk or goth. I think it's really cool, it has a ton of zippers on it, and some metallic rings on one of the sleves. It also has some straps in the back and one one of the sleeves that look pretty dope. I also bought a chain to go around my neck, since it went well with the jacket. So I was very happy.what he really doesnt realize is that chain is for a wallet.....the one that goes to your wallet and to your pants, and hangs out of your pocket....idiot here put it around his neck

I wore it to school today, and certainly got a lot of responses. I'd say the positive and negative responses weighed in at about 50/50.
as far as i could was more like negative:100 positive: 0...practically the whole school was laughing at him Not that I cared what other people thought about it. I bought it for myself, because I thought it looked cool. This brings me to my next point. There is an extremely well written comment on my previous blog post by someone who (obviously) saw me at school today. I must admit the author of this comment brings up some very good points, but he/she has made a few assumptions that I will dispell right now. The author assumes that I'm now dressing this way to be different or unique. I'll be the first one to say that people who dress "goth" or "punk" to be unique are very sad. They are just following a fad to be cool or trendy or maybe just different. I like to dress in this new style because I like it. I think it fits me far better than my "skater" clothes that I used to wear all the time. Skater clothes were great for when I was a skater, but now they are really just not me. so he went from skater-wanna-be.... to gay biker...hmmmmm.... who wants to be the brave one that tells him khaki anchor blue pants and skater shoes dont go with a bodage jacket and a wallet chain?

My clothes had been bugging me for a while, because they just weren't my persoanl style. I actually did some research into different styles, and found that the "goth" style was very appealing to me.
holy shit he actually researched this? what online or something?? i wear the clothes i wear because i like them..... i didnt write a research paper on why i like them or why i wear them Anyone who knows me well knows I am into some dark stuff, and one of those dark things I am into is goth clothing. I'm not trying to make a statement, I'm just wearing what I personally believe is cool. I know a lot of people think I'm weird because of it. So what? Clothes don't make the person, a man is who he is no matter what clothes he wears. So why not dress in a manner that pleases yourself?apperently village people please brett

I am very thankful that the author of that comment was concerned enough about me to write that. But please, there is no need to worry. I know very well the traps of being trendy or different. I would like it if you commented on my blog more often. You are an excellent writer, and seem to have very good opinions. Please don't be a stranger. Well that's really all that has happened lately.

Peace for now (and *hugs* for Sam)...
....i swear....if there's gonna be another comment on how much he loves sam at the end of a gonna send the link to this blog to brett personally