Saturday, November 30, 2002

okay so the comment thing on brett's blog was fun while it lasted... but now we're back to his daily revalation's of his 'life'.... more like a new script for 'glendale 91206'.....

anyway....ready to see how much brett can hit on another girl while still 'devoting' himself to another one?

check this shit out

Today was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I spent most of it with Rebeca, and it was time very well spent. We spent a ton of time talking and walking in the rain. It was awesome. Something about just being with someone you really care about on a cold and rainy day; I can't explain it, it's just very relaxing and enjoyable. We talked and walked for hours, rain falling on us, discussing life and the future.basically brett told her all about the girl's he is in love with including her and how he's going to screw sam's brains out when she turns 18 and how he's not going to get into college of his choice because he is an idiot Then we saw Solaris. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was beautiful in every aspect. I could go on for paragraphs about how deep, meaningful, and human it is.but since he's stupid and cant talk about anything other than things revolving around his life, he wont But I won't. I want you all to see it and experience it for yourselves. After that Rebeca and I got a bite to eat and I played some DDR. Today was amazingly fulfilling. Spending time like this with Rebeca, is just one of the most amazing things I've experienced. can you get anymore repetative?.... how many fucking times did he mention the same freaking thing??There is no denying I love her. I don't love her in the same way I love Sam,.....oh my fucking god.... brett just plummets lower and lower with every post.... just when you think it's impossible... he does it again but I certainly do love her as a VERY close friend, and I always will. Spending true quality time with someone you love and care about; that truly is what life is all what life FOR YOU is all about.... spending time with asian girls who are loner enough to spend time with you I'm really going to miss Rebeca during college. I'm definately going to make it a point to visit her when I have some time not gonna say anything there.... you can see the stupidity by yourself

As you will notice, I no longer have comments on my blog. That's the way it is staying. I stopped caring about what some dumbass thinks about my life a while ago. I'm thankful to my friends for continuing to defend me, but let it go guys. We all know this guy isn't worth our time and effort. When we are enjoying our lives in the future, his is going to bite him in the ass for what he's done. What goes around always comes around. Let life do it's work. I wonder if he will ever experience a day in his life where he feels true joy like I did today? I somehow doubt he will.
....okay..lets see...first of all they were stupid to think it was one person... second of all i dont understand how 'what goes around comes around' comes into this... what is life gonna have its ways and someone is going to post hateful yet truthful comments on my blog? hahaha... go for it.. and i didnt see much of a defense from his 'friend's side... all they did is instead of proving the people who were commenting wrong.... they'd just put them down.. what kind of logic is that? and then he says 'i wonder if he will ever experience a day in his life where he feels true joy.....' i dont know about you but i felt true joy today... i had a great day.... im sure so did the other person... brett is our true drama queen and HONESTLY deserves an oscar .. and umair can get one too.. for best supporting dumbfuck

and im spent

Friday, November 29, 2002

Man I should really start posting the comments from Brett's blog, because he never updates anymore, and they're so friggin hillarious.

And I would also like to find out who the author of this comment is:

OMG...i have heard from so many people how entertaining your blog is...and how you can learn so much from it...and i must say they're right!!! the more i read the more i learn about u...and how FUCKIN GAY you are...i've heard about SAM...your 14 year old girlfriend...
my advice to you SAM: CHANGE YOUR SN AND DON'T GIVE IT TO BRETT!!! END THE RELATIONSHIP NOW!!! (trust me...this is coming from someone who has seen him in person and has had a few classes with him) he may be MR.CHARMING online...oooh..i play the piano..went out with the school outkast (rebecca)... in love with anime and hentai...write stories..and have a pen name: NICHOLAS SKELTER, but really its juss sorry..i aint no english major or aneething so i cant express my words in such a high level of proficient english...but OMG i cant express my self in any other way.
TO BRETT: OMG...ddr is soooo fuckin old...for you and the way you play that is...and im sorry to say...i've seen you play and you got the beat of a white boy...meaning NONE!!! you look like a disoriented, uncoordinated retard with loose limbs flying all over the place. and that WALLET CHAIN you wear around your neck is sooo not cool...maybe you didnt know this...but ur the laughing stock of our school...juss thought id let SAM know that this is the real BRETT that she's going out with. eeek..petofile (or however the fuck you spell it)
TO BRETT'S "FRIENDS": i dont know who to feel more sorry for...for you guys cuz brett is your "close" friend or for brett cuz you are his OcircleO of friends...
RANDOM THING: i just saw the commercial for *magical barney* and he reminds me sooooo much of brett..i dont know what it just did...
OKAY..i think ive made enough comments ...for today that is...

that comment really intrigued me for a couple of reasons... 1.) its a new person, you can tell by the style of writting 2.)i think its the same person who goes by the alias CHANG LEE on a previous comment 3.) it sounds like an actual girl... and i really want to know who it is...

if im wrong... just tell me who you are and laugh at me lol

email me? you can be secret safe with me.... im just really curious

Monday, November 25, 2002

b4K4cH405 (11:04:48 PM): also this person is in farra's bio class
b4K4cH405 (11:05:06 PM): she overheard people talking about posting on my blog

watch yourselves people... i almost got caught

b4K4cH405 (10:59:10 PM): problem is it's really close to your IP

we're lucky we're dealing with morons... if he was smarter he'd put two and two together and realize it really is me

have fun and laugh... but do be careful please, if you get caught... no ratting other people out, you're in this on your own

P.S. I am going to delete all he comments made on this site from the archives and stuff... i'll keep the recent ones.. never use your real names again
okay ... CC supporters.. we are oh red alert.... *alarm sounds*

brett and his posse are after our IP addresses to compare them.. so... if brett (b4k4ch405), umair (ZooMMaiR), or rashad (GAY FAG..... oh wait...thats not his sn.... tekn0junki) IM you and try to direct connect to you, comment on something, check out some site, or anything that has to do with their profiles... DECLINE! they are trying to get IP addresses to compare them to the ones on brett's blog....

just a heads up for you all...
okay .... i'm making an executive decision in saying that i will allow guest authors..

in your email you must include

1.)the most recent post with the comments made
2.)any other extra things you'd like to add
3.)your name if you want to be mentioned...or an alias as what you'd like to mentioned as is my email...

i will post the very first commented post that i recieve and if there isn't one by the end of the day, i will comment on it myself.. some days i will comment on a recent post personally over what you have emailed me for two reasons: 1.)because i think i can make some really good comments 2.)because i can =]


Saturday, November 23, 2002

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been extremely busy. School really is a drag this month. I was very amused by two of the comments I received on my last post though. One was the same old “Sam is just a little girl” bullshit (more on that later actually), but I found this next one extremely amusing:

“Hey. I'm Jesus. I didn't die for your sins, so you could go screw little girls, and defile the good catholic girls at a religious school. Not cool. Stop it or you will feel my mighty power and furious anger.......
P.S. Bondage isn't cool either. That's not the way to impress GOD.”
props to jesus

WOW, Jesus talks to me on my blog!
i dont think brett has comprehended the skill of aliases (if thats a word), but i dont think he realizes people could have different names online...just like Sam... could really be a 45 year old black man from new york, just like jesus is michael How amazing! My response:

“Wow Jesus. Lucky for me I don't believe in your sorry ass!”

I don’t know whether this person was joking around or was serious.
hahahaha....yeah he was serious....he really was jesus! And I mean serious as in that I was “offending” Jesus. Hopefully it’s just a joke. It would be sad to see someone so blindly devoted to christianity. Ugh, that just makes me sick…

The only real personal thing going on in my life right now has to do with Sam. We had our first misunderstanding (best way I could think to put it) today. I think we straightened things out near the end, but I still feel pretty bad about it. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to her soon and make sure everything is good. Sometimes I forget how hard things can be when you are young.but when i do need to remember i just molest a little kid and it all comes back to me There are times when I really need to think before I open my mouth. I have yet to learn that lesson.
so he's still a little kid inside.....and thats why he goes after the small asian girls.....interesting.. maybe Sigmund Freud was right... everything dates back to your childhood or your sexual desires

I did manage to have some fun today with Augustine, Jan, Kurando, Vatche, Max, and Rashad.
.....oh my god! if you know thos people .. you know that that is THE gayest group of people in our senior class...minus lenny and a few others....but those are the majority of the gayness We saw “Die Another Day” together and then hung out at my house. The movie was actually pretty good. It’s the best Bond film since Goldeneye for sure. Tomorrow is Jan’s birthday, so I plan on having a blast at his party. oh im sure there'll be hot bitches everywhere....c'mon its jan...the biggest pimp at our school..psh~ If I had to rate things overall, I’d say that life is pretty damn good at the moment.

Peace for now! *hugs for Sam* I love you more than anything.
is it just me or have we heard him say this to a countless number of girls?

Friday, November 22, 2002

i'm debating an idea that's been tossed around: having a guest author comment on a recent post...

the author would have to email me the commented post and i'd publish it

but its not official yet

and the author can be kept anonymous if he/she wishes
we are back by popular demand.... after readin the comments on the last post of mine and having the anti-brett discussion at school, i couldn't resist but to continue this pilgrimage

Wheee~ Life is being life. Which means I'm enjoying it quite a bit. ^_^ School has been normal, but out of school stuff seems to be more fun. hmmm... it only -seems- more fun??? i dont know about you but life OUT of school has ALWAYS been more fun for me Yesterday I was bombarded with new stuff to learn for piano. But it's all very interesting stuff. I'm starting to play with both hands at the same time now. Ugh, it's fucking confusing to put it mildly.oh god.....what an idiot... i mean did he think he was going to play with one hand forever?? im surprised he's only starting to play with two hands.... at this rate there is no CHANCE in HELL he's going to learn a full song for his senior project unless its 'row row row your boat' I'm sure all you piano people out there who read this *cough*Debbie *cough*Paula are like, "Wow, big deal," but dammit I'm new at this! I don't know if being able to play "Jingle Bells" with two hands is good for two weeks,i learned how to play the 'entertainer' with my cousin with both hands in two days... and he learned 'jingle' fucking 'bells' in two weeks.. but *shrugs* it's fun. ^_^ My brother also bought Metroid Prime yesterday. So far it is pretty fun. I thought it would be kind of new and different, but it is almost literally a Metroid game in first did he think it was gonna be? a racing game??? It's a good and a bad thing I guess. Combat and exploring are more fun, but the platforming parts are pretty eh. I never liked platforming in FPSs. Still, it's a blast to play, the levels kick ass, the graphics are gorgeous, and the controls do a good job of bringing all the Metroid action into first person. Expect me to give it more lovegive more love to a GAME!!!!! how pathetic in the future. ^_^

Today was pretty entertaining as well. I got to talk to Sam twice (YAY!!!). With each passing day it becomes harder and harder to wait for the day that we will meet. As fun as my days are, I really do wish I could speed up time sometimes. ^_^;; I practiced piano for a while today, and find it very relaxing. I also played some more Metroid Prime.
is he having some sort of Alzheimer's disease? he just TALED ABOUT THIS!!!! After this I'm going to finally start on my story. Homework? What's that? :P and thenhe's applying to UC's.. i cant wait till he gets rejected quicker than himself at an all girl school

Oh yes just to remind you all, this is "Ban Brett Month." I am currently banned from both Vlad's and Eileen's commenting systems. Join in and please continue to ban me for no reason. :P
eileen and i are both proud to have banned brett and he was stupid enough to believe me that its an error in the server..... what a dumbass

after a brief conversation with brett.... he has revealed that Sam has actually NEVER EVER seen him..... it ALL makes sense now..

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

....uh....this blog is a pain in the ass to comment on alone

I need to start getting back on track and blogging every day. I guess I've just been a little busy lately. Well, yesterday was pretty fun. School was entertaining, and then I headed off to Ramona with Umair. Once there I met up with B.Jay and Umair met up with Pearl. I had fun talking to B.Jay and walking around the campus. It's weird being at an all girls Catholic school.why? because you want to hit on every single one of them but cant? It's like a guys dream come true.oh god he DID just hit on everygirl in the school @_@ Plus the school actually looks pretty nice itself. I got to meet some interesting people as well like Javier (the networking teacher) and Sachi (I dunno how to spell her name lol). So that was very cool. After Ramona, I headed home to go keyboard shopping with my parents. We found a nice keyboard, and decided to buy it. Hehe, it's pretty freaking cool. If you want to get specific, it's a Yamaha PSR-292, and it runs you $280. I HATE YOU DAD!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! ... i need money It's got very nice sound reproduction, and some nice learning software built in. I just played with it a bunch. ^_^ There are 600+ instruments on it, so as you can imagine I did quite a lot of playing. After that I just crashed and went to sleep.

Today was pretty fun as well. School was boring, but Umair and I headed to Ramona afterwards. While we didn't get to see B.Jay or Pearl, we did see Paula. And really Paula was the reason we were there. She needed some comforting, and it is not only our duty to comfort her but our desire. Anything I can do in my power to make Paula feel better, you can bet I'll do it. She's not just my sempai, but a good friend that I care very much about. There is no way I'm going to ignore her in a time of need, no matter what the circumstance. You bet I care about her that much. ^_^ After that Umair and I went to Eagle Rock for a quick game of DDR.
okay....take a moment and re-read this paragraph..just this one?.....what a change of subject huh? really shows how much he cares "my friend just died, but i learned how to do play ping pong so w00t"I can almost beat Drop Out on Maniac now. I then dropped off Umair at his house, and headed home myself.

Once I got home I was able to talk to both Sam and B.Jay for a while. Ah, it was great. Talking to Sam is so awesome, I've missed it a ton. I love that girl so much
OMG THIS GUY IS A MOOOOOOOOOOOOORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and being able to talk to her only means that the four years will go by faster. Thank god for that. ^_^ Talking to B.Jay was also pretty cool, because we got into some philisophical conversations. I'm a sucker for those. :P After chatting I practiced some keyboard. I can now play this real baisic beginners song, and the very first part of "Ode to Joy." "Ode to Joy" actually isn't that hard, and I bet with a few weeks of practice I can get it down. Ah, it will be very nice to be able to play my favorite classical song of all time. ^_^

On a side note: my comment boxes are starting to look like a war room. All this arguing and insulting is pretty lame and immature. I would tell you all to knock it off, but you guys like to be stubborn ^_^;; . Still, if it gets too bad, I suppose I could start banning people. Then again they'll probably just find a way around it. Oh well, just the way life goes I guess.

Peace Out! *hugs for Sam* (to the lamer who loves to flame everyone in my comments: oooo I didn't forget this time! *rolls eyes*)...
oh god.....i think im gonna be sick

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

....okay after banging my head repeadetly last night... and also begging a few people to kill me.... i've decided to comment on what i think is the stupidest post ever.... brett just manages to reach newer and newer lows every day

Well, it looks like it's time for the weekend blog update. For starter's it was one hell of a weekend! The fun started on Saturday evening at Paula’s birthday (happy birthday Sempai!).lets see how many girls he can hit on in one post....this being #1 I got to meet a hell of a lot of new people, and I got to know a lot of people that I never knew very well when they went to Clark. I met Paulo, Pearl, B.Jay, and a bunch of other people who’s names I can’t remember (god I hate my memory when it comes to names), for the first time. Paulo is the funniest guy on the planet, far as i can recall... when brett posted his giant ass post and gave a shout out to all his friends..(i dont feel like searching, just go back in the archives) he said that johannes was the funniest person he knows.... but its definate that brett cant commit to anyone I’ve never met anyone who could make me laugh so often and so hard. He’s also just a really freaking cool guy. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Pearl much, but she seemed really nice. She was also extremely pretty, so you know, bonus points right there. #2Umair spent most of his time talking with her (that lucky guy ^_^). B.Jay…hmmm I’m going to come back to her later, don’t forget her the hell can we forget a girl (if that is infact a girl) whose name is B.JAY!!! whats her full name?!?! BlueJay??...he said her name was does lauren turn to B.Jay???? thats like if my name miraculously turned from vladimir to buttfucker or "hey guys my name is vladimir but you can call me HandJob" The people I got to know better that I knew before were Raf, and Patrick. I never really had much of an opinion on Raf as I had never spoken to him when he went to Clark, but I found out that he is actually a really cool guy. And he and Paula make a REALLY good couple. Damn, I was impressed to say the least. They just looked so good together; I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s very cool to say the least. I had bad memories of Patrick in the past, but thankfully those bad memories were put to rest. He’s actually much more mature than I thought he was, so that’s very cool.

The party was at a Chinese restaurant, and the food was pretty good. There was also a dance floor, and I actually danced ( 0_0 ). Scary Note:
damn fucking right thats scary...shit... honestly people you NEED to watch imagine that thing dancing I wasn’t the worst dancer there. To say I had a ton of fun would be a serious understatement. Everything about the party was fun. Talking to everyone was fun, dancing was fun, watching Paula open presents was fun (woo-hoo go Excel Saga!), and then there was B.Jay. B.Jay and I talked nearly the entire time (pretty much from after dinner onwards), and she even tried to teach me how to dance. ^_^ But wow, I haven’t had such a good conversation with a girl since…ever?at this point if i was sam....i'd hate brett for ever on at this point...well actually if i was sam i wouldn't like brett to begin with We really connected and got along really well. We exchanged screen names and ended up chatting late into the night, after the party.ah yes brett the pimp....why go to the backseat of the car when you can chat? Now it’s only fair that I should stop here and address Sam. Sam, we both agreed that we would let each other see other people during the 4 years we are apart.seriously sam is his back up 'love' if he doesnt have a gf at the moment so he can say to her 'while i was with all those ugly girls all i can think about was you' Now it’s not like B.Jay and I are going out or anything like that, but I think it’s only right that you know about her. It’s what we agreed on after all.

Anyway, overall the party was just amazing. I really felt like a part of a group that I had never even been in before.
asian and asian wanna-be group? I honestly had more fun at that party, than really any other party I can recall. Good times, is a severe understatement. It’s a party I don’t think I’m ever going to forget. But just because people went home that night didn’t mean the party was over. On the contrary,yeah they all joined an aim chat and partied there with *actions*.... there was more fun to be had on Sunday!

Sunday was made up of chatting with B.Jay in the morning and continuing Paula’s party in the afternoon. We all met up at Todai (me, Umair, Raf, Paulo, Paula, Pearl, and 2 of Paula’s friends who’s names I forgot), and proceeded to eat and go shopping.
brett and his girlfriends going out shopping... happily skipping through the mall We ended up enjoying ourselves quite a bit. It was cool hanging out for another day. At the end of it we all said our good byes and went home. It was sad to say goodbye even though I had only gotten to know everyone recently. As an end to a good day, the car ride home was hilarious as hell with Paulo’s nonstop humor. When I got home I proceeded to chat with B.Jay some more, which was very enjoyable. It looks like I’ll be coming to Ramona with Umair every Tuesday and Thursday to see her. Not only her though, it will be great to see Paula and Pearl as well. ^_^ After chatting, I proceeded to crash on my bed and sleep very well.

Today was very enjoyable. I mostly sat around at school joking with Umair, and reminiscing about the weekend. We also talked about the future and how fun our week was gonna be, and just about how good life had finally become. Little did I know that there was still more to come. Sam signed on AIM! And she could talk to me! Wow, I missed talking to her a hell of a lot.
#3....wowHer parents are letting me talk to her now. Wow, I never would have even expected it. Talk about three awesome days. Oh yeah and I’m going to Ramona tomorrow. Make that four good days in a row ^_^.

Some side notes: My parents are going to buy me a really dope keyboard to learn piano on, I’m dropping AP Physics,
noooooooooo now i dont get to see brett fail miserably!!!!I finished my Cal Poly application, and life totally rules. The End! BLAH *dies*.

I’m happy, can you tell? ^_^ …
aaaawwww no more hugs for the little dumbass in CT